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Debbie Krahn (Ohnesorge)
May 12, 1950 (512) 321-3613 P.O.Box 981 Bastrop TX 78602 married Gary Crisci in '69- lived in Germany for 2 yrs- returned to Lubbock & 6 months later buried my first husband- moved to Austin- married second husband '75 lived "hippie" life...built a 3-story geodesic dome...generated our electricity...raised goats, rabbits, chickens, pigs & 1 cow & raised vegetables- involved in establishing & operating a gold mill in Mexico- owned & operated a couple of resturants- served on the Board of Directors for the Bastrop Chamber of Commerce, Bastrop Ass. for the Arts & the Bastrop Opera House- divorced 2nd husband '93 sobered up & started my recovery path- became Innkeeper of a Bed & Breakfast in a historical home- became a personal chef for a number of professional folks- for the passed 23 yrs. I have owned & operated 2 bail bond companies being the first class to attend Coronado all 3 yrs- starting Soph yr without a gym or cafeteria- meeting my friends, Beverly, Susie, Martha, Gwen & Linda for school, for events, for games,& for mischief- GOOD TIMES!
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Betty Starnes (Peterson)
November 26, 1949 (940) 293-5752 212 Collins St Argyle TX 76226 After High School, I joined the Air Force, worked as a teletype operator at the TAC Air Command Headquarters in Norfolk Va. I married Jackie Peterson in 1975. We have a daughter 42, son 37, 4 grandsons, 21, 17, 15, 10. I retired from AT&T in 2010. Band practice, marching band, and band trips. And always fighting for 1st chair.
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Jody Martin (Rabon) (469) 688-5639 4207 North Hill Carrollton TX 75010 Between painting, spending time with my two adorable grand babies, and hanging out with Jim Rabon, I’m feeling pretty lucky! I moved to the Dallas area after graduating from ACU and began painting. In 1999 I started a 16 year art teaching job in Carrollton, and when I retired three years ago I returned to painting full time. Jim and I have five kids between us and they keep us busy driving back and forth from Austin and Houston. Life has not always been easy, but it’s been good. I will have paintings on display at the Lubbock Garden and Art Center during reunion time, so if you get a chance when you’re in Lubbock, run by and see my work, along with that of my mom, Conny Martin, who many of you knew, and my dad, CB, who did water color painting in his later years. 4215 University Ave, Friday, 9:00-5:00, Saturday 9:00-12:00 Great friends, going to the prom and not dancing (not a good idea), Miss Tibbs, Mr. Price, laughing at Mark and Richard in class, singing Mendelssohn's Laudate Pueri Dominum in choir, Anna Honna Tossa Wani
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Roger Scott (214) 808-6187 PO Box 831086 Richardson TX 75083 Graduated Texas Tech '73 B.S. Landscape Architecture, then immediately off to Boulder, CO focusing my career on park planning and development. 22 years in Colorado before returning to Texas in 1995 and completing my career in Richardson where I retired in 2016. Thoroughly enjoyed every day and every project which included master planning new state parks, designing and building regional and local agency parks as well as athletic complexes, recreation centers, aquatic centers and gymnastic centers while working for state, regional, special district, and local agencies as well as my own private practice. Two magnificent individuals enrich my life in daughter & son, Allison & Trevor, along with two granddaughters. Retirement is amazing with wife Cindy and the English Setters enjoying the 5th wheel RV fly-fishing Northern Rocky Mountain trout streams, big game hunting and trying to get the pups on some quail and pheasants. Need to ask Robert Bybee if he has any secrete 'honey holes' for trout in Yellowstone he will share with me. Wonderful to be going to McPherson winery for our meet & greet. Two of my profs at Tech, Reed in Horticulture and McPherson in Chemistry, are the fathers of the Texas wine industry. Reed took care of growing the grapes anywhere he could find, at home and on campus, while Dr Mc made the wine in the basement of the Chemistry Bldg. These two profs were a constant encouragement to students to get into the wine industry in West Texas. God bless them. Without a doubt the most memorable and beneficial times at CHS were in competitive speech & duet acting traveling from Dallas to El Paso with a great group of supportive friends/classmates representing our high school. This class and competition was invaluable for me at Tech in juried defense of my project designs in Landscape Architecture as well as later in my professional career making public presentations of projects and designs. Great memories also of amazing weekends at the Wallace Ranch, who can forget Kid Day (or better yet who can REMEMBER Kid Day), then there's the graduation trip to Lake Buchanan for a week of water skiing with some of the greatest guys ever. Teachers who had the most profound impact on me were Misters Cheyne, Sudduth, Henderson & Dawson. Those guys cared. And then there's the memories of the genesis of a new school, being part of the selection processes that made the identity of Coronado such as the school mascot (I still prefer 'Conquistadors' but then I may have been the only one voting for it), opening those doors for the first time as sophomores and being the first three year graduating class. We're it 50 years later!
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Fred Smith
May 23, 1950 (806) 778-3418 3205 76th Street Lubbock TX 79423 After high school attended Texas Tech for a year. In 1969 enlisted in the Marine Corps. Served 2 years active duty. Married Lynette Stanley in 1971.We have been married 47 years. We have 3 grown Kids, 1 Son, and Twin Daughters. We have 6 grandkids and1 Great-grandson. Sold auto parts for 40 years. Lynette and I both retired in 2015. Bought a motor home and travel as much as we can. Play golf 3 or 4 days a week and find other things to do to keep me busy. Playing golf and being with Friends
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Gary Stewart
July 14, 1950 (817) 312-0303 106 Rupert Ct Weatherford TX 76087 Got out of H.S. Went into the U.S.A.F. before I could get drafted. Spent 12 years touring the world.Biloxi Mississippi for Tech School where I met my first wife. Stayed in Biloxi for 8 months, then on to Mallorca Spain(In 1971, it was the meeting place of Europe according to Playboy)("ROUGH LIFE") Wife left after 3 months so I was essentially SINGLE. While there, volunteered to go to Turkey for 4 months and, from there, Cambodia to support Special Ops personnel.Went back to Austin, Texas for a 9 month stint to support the Army with their communication requirements.Also had our first child.Once that was over, was sent to Japan for 4 years again supporting the Army again.Second child came while there. Wife came back after son was born and once again, flying solo for the rest of the tour.(2.5 years) Came back to Denver Colorado for retraining in Satellite Communications.After that was sent to Columbus, Ohio where my wife's family was. Never believe the old adage...Take me home and everything will be all right. Divorced and moved to College Station where I attended Texas A&M for four years. Back to Austin again where I met my second wife. That lasted 5 years. Then met my current wife.Ended up in beautiful downtown Tin Top Texas just south of Weatherford. Been here enjoying the river since then.Became a Professional 3 event water skier which led to becoming a pro barefoot water skier. Retired from that and got on the road on a Honda Goldwing and toured most of this United States.Sold that and bought a Mercedes Benz SL500 and toured some more. I really WAS working most of the time.Retired in October of 2016 and we have been all over the world a few times. England, Finland, Russia,Spain,Amsterdam(3 times)Malaysia, Singapore,Jamaica(3 times),Costa Rica and Puerto Rico(WHEW!!!) The only thing I remember good about high school was Jim Sudduth and the band. I was quite a loner in high school, but I really didn't mind.The HI-DE-HO was my favorite hangout.Hung out with a couple of people from Monterey. Was mostly into fast cars. That was the good times.
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Jo Beth Hawkins (Vinson) 120 Promise Lane Capitan NM 88316 We moved to NM to work at Lone Tree Bible Ranch for several years until my husband took the pastorate at a local non-denominational church. I began my career as a high school/college English teacher. We recently retired and are volunteering/speaking for a Christian Grandparenting organization. We have 2 married daughters and 4 grandchildren.
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Karen Pharr (Wallace)
September 17, 1950 PO Box 98488 Lubbock TX 79499 4 days after graduation I started X-Ray school at Methodist Hospital. I graduated just after the '70 tornado hit and I pushed the portable x-ray machine around surgery all that night. Went to Germany for 4 years as an AF wife with my 1st husband. A Sears tent and VW station wagon provided a way to see Denmark to Gibraltar, Paris to Berlin. Came back and got a divorce and married Wild Bill that I met in the 3rd grade. Worked in the Cardiac Cath Lab til I got PG. Then helped Bill with his motorcycle parts biz for over 25 years and the ranch after his dad died. Got cows in '95 and gone thru several droughts with them. Never had any Hired Hands just the 2 of us. Been mostly at the ranch the last few years and did some hens and goats for xtra fun. Went to Israel in 2010 with Linda Tatum and saw a miracle in Jerusalem! Hallelu YAH!
Dianne Hatchett (Ward)
August 15, 1950 (806) 759-0193 2604 Mesa Drive Plainview TX 79072 Got married to Larry Ward in 1970. Had 2 sons John and Edwin. Had several different jobs then discovered my true calling to be a nurse in 1991. Went to LVN school then became an RN in 2004. Have 2 grandchildren Dameon who is 17 and Cecilia who is 14. I retired from Covenant Health Plainview Hospital in 2016. I now spend my time planting and nurturing my flowers. I volunteer at the hospital auxillary. Band! Thatâ
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Dianne Hatchett (Ward)
August 15, 1950 (806) 759-0193 2604 Mesa Dr Plainview TX 79072 After graduating I attended Texas Tech for 1 year then met and married Larry Ward in 1970. We lived in the Dallas area for a few months then back to Lubbock. Had 2 sons John and Edwin. In 1982 we moved to Fay, Ok as Larry had been promoted to his first Postmaster job after being a letter carrier for 8 years. We lived in 3 different towns in Oklahoma then moved to Silverton, Tx as their postmaster in 1991. I became an EMT which led me to becoming an LVN. Began working at the hospital in Plainview then got my RN in 2004. I retired as charge nurse in 2016. We have 1 grandson, Dameon (17) and 1 granddaughter, Cecilia (14). We have a travel trailer and make 5 trips a year. We have been to the Bahamas, Hawaii twice and Italy. I love planting and nurturing flowers. My fondest memories are of being in the band. Mr.Sudduth made it fun even though he was strict. Loved going to the after game dances we held for the opposing team band. Enjoyed being in the Jr/Sr plays and being on the CREST staff.
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Wade Willams
March 29, 1950 Wade was a Marine right after graduation. He served in Vietnam and in Washington D.C. as a sharpshooter. He was married twice. He had two daughters in his first marriage and one daughter in the second marriage. He worked for Diamond Shamrock through all its changes and successfully reached a midmanagement position. All of this inspite of the fact that, in his later years, he was diagnosed with PTSD and joined a therapy group that helped him work through the problems that came from it. Wade died from cancer of the esophagus with related problems on March 20, 2007. These problems were consistant with exposure to Agent Orange. All his daughters attended to his last years. He was buried in the cemetery outside Teague,Texas near his beloved Grandfather Williams. Wade is our hero.
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